Delivery and discount

Transport costs 2023

We only deliver in Metropolitan France.

1 or 2 boxes of 6 bottles of 75cl: 30,OO €
3 boxes of 6 bottles of 75cl: 18,OO €
4 boxes of 6 bottles of 75cl: 24,OO €
5 boxes and more: Free

Transportation is not our job. It is expensive because energy is expensive and the product is heavy: the weight of a bottle, about 1.5 kg, can vary depending on its characteristics.

This means that for orders of 1 to 4 cartons of 6 x 75 cl bottles only, we charge our customers what our service provider charges us.


Discounts are applied to the wines we ship, with the exception of Amarante and Amante.
We do not give a discount on orders of less than 11 cartons as we offer transport for all orders of 5 cartons or more.

For orders of 11 cartons or more, we apply a 3% discount.