Welcome to the online sales website for the wines of Château Montreuil-Bellay

The name Château Montreuil-Bellay not only brings to mind tastes that are out of this world, but it is also famous for two other reasons:


  • An impressive and well-renowned fortress open to the public
  • A long established tradition of wine-making.

Our wines

The Cabernets francs, Chenin blanc and Chardonnay d’appelation Saumur contrlôlée Château Montreuil Bellay come from our vineyard. We make the following wines from these grapes:


  • Still wines : red and white, Cabernet d'Anjou and Cabernet de Saumur
  • Smooth sparkling wines : Crémant de Loire blanc and Crémant de Loire rosé.


They are made with expertise, care and passion in the medieval cellars of Château Montreuil- Bellay, which was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, here in the Loire valley, where many beautiful pages France’s history have been written.


> Reopening of the visit of our castle on April 1st, 2015.

> There is free sampling of our wines at the bar in our shop on visiting the Historical monument of Château Montreuil-Bellay.

> Groups of more than 25 people may reserve organised wine tastings in the kitchen of the Chateau's central foyer or at the Grands Augustins.

> Have a look at our Château's website.: www.chateau-de-montreuil-bellay.fr

> Château Montreuil Bellay is classified as an historical monument and is still lived in to this day.